These are the web blog pages of The Sailboat “Clewless”.  After selling my beloved Peterson 29 in 2008, I thought my sailing days were over. In fact, the grief of parting with my last boat was such that, for years I dint even want to THINK about sailing. One day, I called an old friend in Idaho. Towards the end of the conversation, he says “Hey, by the way, I am selling my old Coronado 25. If you are interested in it, I’ll make you a smokin’ deal”. I replied, “No thanks, I think my sailing days are over, its an expensive hobby and I am trying pay off some old bills. Just out of Curiosity, whats a smokin’ deal”? He replied “The boat, sails, miscellaneous extras, motor for $1500.00” As the days passed, I continued to think about his offer. The Coronado had been a boat I had long admired.  One thing led to another and I called the bank, got some cash  and the deal was sealed. The following pages will be various repairs, upgrades and, hopefull, many sailing adventures. So here are some specs on the boat-

Clewless  is a 25′ Coronado sloop, hull# 1252. Keel layed Portsmouth, VA 1968. As of this date (Aug 9th, 2014) she is on a trailer I built with the help of friends, next to my shop in Shelton, Washington. She is undergoing an extensive refit and upgrade focused on use as a single-hand offshore cruiser.

The Skipper

Cap’ Esterly is a 5′-5″ standard issue sailor, hull# unknown. Keel layed Olympia, Washington, launched March 1961. Once a United States Marine, now somewhat rotund, sound, but occasionally cranky and hard to start in cold weather. Previous home ports ranged from the West Coast, California to Cherry Point North Carolina, London England to Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Quote to live by:“God watches over both the foolish and the simple”. Proverbs

The Blog

Work on Clewless progresses in direct proportion to the amount of overtime served to “the man”. Lack of it puts a real cramp in the refit schedule, and life in general. It is now September,  and reality intrudes (Cheops’ Law: Nothing ever gets done on schedule or within budget) and it looks like late Spring at the earliest, maybe as late as early Summer.

So now that I have all this (cough) spare time, I decided to put up a blogsite to document the ongoing work. Where we are on the refit, and what we are working on, maybe some tips and methods that will help out another cruiser. Once we get to a point where the Clewless is ready enough to leave (the projects are never all done, just postponed till another season) we will continue posting logs, photos, and general ramblings about our various cruises. I have been messing about in boats for some 30 years, so hopefully some of this will be helpful or at least a lesson in what not to do. Don’t expect anything too serious. Life is to short to take it too serious.

Special Thanks-

Special thanks to my friend & Fellow Coronado 25 owner- David O’Neill. He has graciously allowed me to use some of his material from his web page, found here-http://sailingofftheedge.com/index.html . Take a look when you get the chance. His projects & upgrades have been a great encouragement to many Coronado owners. Thanks, David!


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